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Come meet the vampires of New York...

...You might even see a murder...

The Need A Life Club of Down Trodden Humanity
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Need A Life Club


1. You can't have a life.
2. Must have a fear yet use of vagueness.
3. Must have a ridiculous bed time that doesn't make sense.
4. You need a bleak unmotivated outlook on life.
5. Far from society, which you must like and hate at the same time.
6. Pretend to be addicted to some drug.
7. Have little will to get a job or your lisencse.
8. You must be useless
9. You must love Bowie...and be willing to be a Bowie Nun.
10. You need obscure hobbies...like making dolls out of fandom, or rping.
11. Oh...and Nick @ Nite must be a hobby as well.


Anything goes...random...not random...late night ramblings. Its all welcome here and loved.