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Weee heee hee heeeeee!

1. Name or nickname: Jacinta or Jamberry
2. What's your favorite color: ack... I have to choose one? Mmmm...BLACK.
3. Do you wear dirty socks? Yes. <,<
4. Have you seen Interview With A Vampire? Parts of it... I don't like it much
5. Do you...like vampires? I suppose
6. Do you like creamy peanut butter or chunky? Creamy peanut butter! Crunchy defeats the purpose of peanut "butter" =p
7. Stripes or plaid? Neither. I like my black plain.
8. Is it black, white or grey? Life is grey area. And brain is grey matter. Woohoot.
9. Do you prefer vague or casual? Both.
10. What other word do you know for Aloof? Bob Dylan?

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